Ready for a White Label SAAS Business?


Expand Revenue with your own White Label Platform.

Empower Your Established IT Business with Customized Biometric Time Clock and Cloud Software Solutions!

For established IT businesses seeking to expand their product offerings and strengthen their brand presence, our enhanced White Label Program presents a game-changing opportunity to customize and resell our cutting-edge biometric time clock and cloud software solutions under your own label.

With this program, you'll have the flexibility to apply your branding, packaging, and even establish your own website complete with a payment portal, enabling you to seamlessly integrate our industry-leading products into your portfolio while presenting them as your own. This empowers you to elevate your brand, differentiate your offerings, and capture a larger share of the market, all while benefiting from the reliability and innovation of our technology.

Your platform. Your logo. Your colors.

We understand that businesses can have very specific requirements. We build these special features on request on top of our product. We create an instance of for your brand, with your brand identity in mind. On the white label platform, your customers will only see your logo, domain and colors.

Rather than building a platform from the ground up, it is more cost-effective to White Label ours while you save and earn more. A shorter time to market enables you to sell more and work less.